Sun Chemical

Sun Chemical is a global leader in providing color solutions to various industry segments with 200 years of history. Our parent company DIC, was the inventor of the spirulina extraction process to produce the natural blue colorant. We offer today over 40 years’ experience in the spirulina and spirulina extract research and production.  We are …

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Phytolon offers fermented Betalains that cover the entire color range of yellow-orange-red-purple. Phytolon’s colors comply with the consumers’ needs for healthy and sustainable food, and with the industry’s requirements for cost efficiency and high quality. The colors exhibit excellent performance in multiple food categories such as dairy & frozen products, alternative meat, baked goods, confectionery, …

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Royal Buisman

Since its foundation in 1867, Royal Buisman is specialised in the production of caramelised sugars. The first caramelised sugars we brought to the market were used by consumers to improve the colour and flavour intensity of their filter coffee. Nowadays Royal Buisman is focused on the B2B market and our natural caramelised sugars are used …

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Alvinesa Natural Ingredients

Alvinesa Natural Ingredients is a “circular economy” leader of sustainable plant-based ingredients.  The company sells an extensive range of natural products made from wine grape pomace, including organic, for use in the food, beverage, nutrition, animal nutrition and wine-making industries. The portfolio includes a wide selection of polyphenols (micronutrients with antioxidant activity), colors (anthocyanins), polysaccharides, …

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BASF Human Nutrition offers an extensive range of products and services for the human nutrition industry.Backed by more than 150 years’ experience, we are a leading global ingredient supplier namely in the industries of dietary supplements, food and beverages. We have a diverse portfolio in health, food performance, colors and processing aids with approximately 100 …

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BioconColors is specialized in the creation of application-specific colorants based on fruits, vegetable, and edible plants. Our color portfolio consists of a wide spectrum of shades that provide sensory appeal, and recognizable ingredient lists for food, beverage, and cosmetic applications. If you are aiming to replace artificial colors, or to switch to an alternative natural color …

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GNT Group B.V.

Founded in 1978, GNT Group B.V. is an independent, family-owned company known worldwide for its EXBERRY® Colouring Foods brand. GNT pioneered the concept of Colouring Foods and is now a leading global provider with customers in 75 countries. EXBERRY® colour concentrates are made from edible fruit, vegetables, and plants using gentle physical processing methods and …

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Mane Kancor Ingredients

Mane Kancor Ingredients Private Limited is a pioneer in the field of Global Spice Extraction, whose roots can be traced back to 1857 Cochin. Mane Kancor specialises in complete food ingredient solutions, from sourcing of raw materials, extraction, research, and formulation, to testing and final delivery. Mane Kancor has its presence in over 75 countries …

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Mother Nature provides the raw materials, Sense Colour adds more than 155 years of colour expertise. It’s a brilliant partnership that offers the broadest palette of natural colour solutions so you can create the food experiences consumers crave.  Sense Colour is a division of Givaudan, global leader in Fragrance & Beauty and Taste & Wellbeing.


Our product portfolio spans from berry extracts, infusions and food coloring, through berry, citrus and tropical fruit concentrates, to individual compounds corresponding to our partners’ needs. Over the past 40 years, IPRONA has established itself as a leader in fruit processing and pioneer in the use of the most modern technologies that treat fruit gently …

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