Chromologics is on a mission to improve production of natural food colors through precision fermentation. Actively pushing for the integration of biotechnology into the food color space, the company has been at the forefront of fermented colors since 2017, exploring innovative and high-quality colors sourced from natural fungal origins. The primary focus is currently on Natu.Red, the first proprietary natural color from Chromologics. 

Chromologics envisions a future where a diverse range of fermentation-derived natural food colors will be offered.

Having originated from the Technical University of Denmark, Chromologics has evolved into a venture capital-backed enterprise with a dynamically expanding team. Leading the exciting transition of implementing Biotechnology into the food color space, the company is moving from an innovation-driven development organization to a more customer focused production company. Chromologics is committed not only to advancing the field of natural food colors but also to driving technological and biotechnological advancements in the industry.

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