Nactarome S.p.A. have headquarter in Milan, Italy. As a group, Nactarome focus on providing a comprehensive portfolio of all-in-one natural flavourings, extracts, colourings and functional ingredients for the global food and beverage industry. Members of the group include IPAM, (Italy), Nactis Flavours (France and BNL), Create Flavours (UK) and Taste Connection (UK). Pharmorgana GmbH (Germany), AromataGroup (Italy), Trablit (France), FoodTaste (France), Royal Buisman (Netherlands). Nactarome is committed to clean-label solutions derived from sustainable natural sources. The local knowledge of consumer and industry trends paired with international capabilities and technical excellence allows Nactarome to keep its competitive edge in the global marketplace. Nactarome are quality accredited to offer flavourings, colours, HVP and thermal process flavours.

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