BioconColors is specialized in the creation of application-specific colorants based on fruits, vegetable, and edible plants. Our color portfolio consists of a wide spectrum of shades that provide sensory appeal, and recognizable ingredient lists for food, beverage, and cosmetic applications.

If you are aiming to replace artificial colors, or to switch to an alternative natural color formulation, our food coloring specialists are keen to assist you throughout this process. From color matching, stability testing all the way through to regulatory support, our food coloring teams are keen to put our decades of colorant experience to work for you in creating natural colorants that meet your expectations.

With our own production and formulating facilities we have in-depth knowledge and expertise of the raw materials, the sourcing, extraction, and purification technologies required to create high-end liquid and powder based natural colorants.

Whether it comes to emulsions or suspensions, water-soluble or oil-soluble colorings, powder or spray-dried compositions or special mixtures, we develop natural color solutions for your application to perform in the best possible multi-sensory way.

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