Oterra is the largest provider of naturally sourced colors worldwide. Since our first color launch in 1876, we’ve utilized the power of nature’s true colors and championed that natural is best. We continue to share our unrivalled expertise in colors for food, beverage, dietary supplements and pet food to help manufacturers bring appealing products to consumers around the world. And we continue to empower our partners to meet demand for safe, sustainable and natural food on our journey together towards natural. We select the finest from nature to create the fullest possible palette of appealing shades, available at any level of naturality, and in any format needed. Our color technologies are recognized as some of the best performing in the industry. Among them are I-Colors®, CapColors®, FruitMax® and DairyMax®.

The Oterra team comprises of 750+ employees, representing 40+ nationalities, speaking more than 30 languages, across 29 countries with office, lab, or production facilities.

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