Member Description

BioconColors is a leading producer of natural colors specialized in a wide range of Cochineal and Annatto derivatives. For over 35 years we have been supplying natural color solutions to the food, beverage, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry around the globe, including the world’s largest F&B companies.

BioconColors (initially called Biocon del Peru) was founded in 1983 as a subsidiary of the Irish Biocon Biochemical’s Ltd. Following Quest International’s (Unilever Group) acquisition of the Biocon Group, BioconColors became an independent company in 1993.

We have our production facility in Lima – Peru and sales offices in, Amsterdam – The Netherlands, Lima – Peru and Qingdao – mainland China. Additionally, we work with a network of international distributors allowing us to fully understand our customers’ market and requirements so that together we can develop customized products.

Our core expertise is the extraction and purification technologies to process liquid and powder natural colorants. Our natural color specialists are able to create color formulations for a wide range of process-specific applications.

Besides translating ideas into concrete prototypes, we can assist in answering the technical challenges that can occur when switching from synthetic to natural colors.

We source our raw materials worldwide and do all processing in-house. This way we are able to secure a high-quality level for our color solutions and be a trustworthy food coloring partner to our customers.

Whether it comes to emulsions or suspensions, water-soluble or oil-soluble colorings, powder or spray-dried compositions or special mixtures, we develop natural colour solutions for or customer’s application to perform in the best possible multi-sensory way.