Sun Chemical

Sun Chemical is a global leader in providing color solutions to various industry segments with 200 years of history. Our parent company DIC, was the inventor of the spirulina extraction process to produce the natural blue colorant.

We offer today over 40 years’ experience in the spirulina and spirulina extract research and production.  We are one of the world’s largest suppliers of spirulina and spirulina extract and our LINABLUE® brands are recognized worldwide by its high quality standards, integrity in operation and sustainable manufacturing practices. 

Our portfolio of Natural colorants has been recently enlarged with the incorporation of high purity Food Grade Iron Oxides and, more recently, other complimentary natural colorants.

Together with DIC, Sun Chemical is continuously working to promote and develop sustainable solutions to exceed customer expectations and better the world around us. Sun Chemical’s global presence allows for the delivery of local service and support to the markets we serve.

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