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colour-in-food‘Colour in Food – Improving Quality’ (2002) CRC Press, Woodhead Publishing Ltd., Ed. Douglas B. MacDougall ISBN 0-8493-1542-5

‘Colour – Travels Through the Paintbox’. Victoria Finlay, Published by Hodder and Stoughton, 2002.(A Sceptre Book). ISBN Hardback 0 340 73328 4 Trade paperback 0 340 826 320

‘Threads of Colour – A new photographic book by Jaime Marshall’.Published by Andrew Martin International, London, UK (2002).
ISBN: 0953004546

Food additives in Europe 2000 – Status of safety assessments of food additives presently permitted in the EU. (TemaNord 2002560) – Publications -Nordic Council- Nordic Council of Ministers.