Member Description

We are a leading R&D manufacturer of natural colours and health food ingredients in Japan with a portfolio of unique products unrivalled in industry.

Our core competencies in microbial & fermentation technology are built on brewing expertise inherited from our group company, YAEGAKI Sake & Spirits, Inc., one of the oldest sake breweries in Japan, founded in 1666.

We became one of the first company in the world to develop a Monascus Colour using its sake brewing technology in 1970.

Subsequently, the company developed a wide range of Monascus Colour products, becoming the leading producer of Monascus Colour in Japan, whose activities include involvement in the creation of Japanese Monascus Colour standard and we have grown to gain a significant share of the natural colour market in Japan by providing numerous natural colours.

We like to contribute to the spread of natural colourings around the world.