Member Description

Kancor Ingredients Limited is a pioneer in the field of Global Spice Extraction, whose roots in the spice trade can be traced back to 1857 in Cochin, the spice capital of the world. Partnering with V Mane Fils, France, one of the largest Flavour and Fragrance companies in the world, Kancor specialises in complete food ingredient solutions right from the sourcing of raw materials, extraction, research, formulation and testing to the final delivery.

The company’s success lies in its unyielding commitment to excellence. Right from its global sourcing programmes, Kancor ensures that they work closely with the farmers to enrich their work and livelihoods too. Backward integration initiatives for specific crops and community development programmes have already seen many positive responses. This sense of commitment continues to its facilities, where state-of-the-art plants deal with the delicate and intricate processes of extraction, distillation and the purification of actives. Moreover, Kancor’s R&D division tirelessly innovates to fulfil complex orders from varied industries, a knowledge base that has been expanding for decades. Every product offered by Kancor adheres to global standards and is certified with GMP, ISO-9001, FSSC-22000, ISO 22000, HACCP, ISO 14001, BS OHSAS 18001, ISO 50001, SEDEX, KOSHER, HALAL and Organic certification. Today, Kancor serves customers in more than 60 countries across the globe.

The Products:

Kancor’s product line offers a full range of Oleoresins, Essential oils, Natural anti-oxidants, Natural Colours, Culinary platforms, Delivery platforms and Organic Ingredients.

Oleoresins are the concentrated liquid form of raw materials obtained by solvent extraction followed by removal of the solvent. These versatile products can be used in their existing form or blended with natural spices to act as a base for a variety of seasonings, flavours and perfumes, replacing whole/ground spices, without impairing the flavour or aroma. Essential Oils are aromatic, volatile liquids that are steam/hydro distilled from plant parts like seeds, flowers, fruits, stems, bark, roots, leaves and more.

Kancor has identified ways to tackle the degradation (oxidation) of food with OxiKan, the range of natural anti-oxidants extracted from the finest Rosemary. OxiKan CLS, a product variant, won the World Beverage Innovation Award for the Best Beverage Ingredient at BrauBeviale 2016. OxiKan CL, another variant, has recently won the IFT 2018, Food Expo Innovation Award at Chicago.

Furthermore, the company offers an array of natural colours for various product platforms and systems through the product line C-CAPTURE. C-CAPTURE has won the Visitor’s Choice award for the most innovative product at FI-India 2017. Citrine Series, natural green hues of C-CAPTURE was selected as the Finalist in the World Beverage Innovation Awards 2017, for the category Best Beverage Ingredients. Ochre and Sunlight series, the yellow-orange hues of C-CAPTURE, has recently been shortlisted as the finalist in World Dairy Innovation Award 2018, in the categories – Best Dairy Ingredient and Best Dairy Product from Asia.

Kancor’s Roasted Spice Oleoresins recreates household culinary flavours industrially. These unique products are made by sautéing and roasting raw materials, followed by extraction. Kancor has also developed TastyKan, the concentrated multi-spice liquid blends inspired from various ethnic cuisines across the world, creating natural and customisable flavour blocks. TastyKan was recently selected as one of the most innovative products at FI-India 2018 at Greater Noida, Delhi. Plated Oleoresins, PlatOR and granulated oleoresins, GranOR are unique delivery platforms offered by Kancor. Based on the customer requirements, Kancor offers various Organic ingredients as well.

Kancor is always committed to the environment and Sustainable supply chain practices are strictly followed by the company. Kancor believes that every action taken by the organization and its employees are built on the foundation of its ‘WE’ values. The company believes in its need to play a significant role in community development and actively takes part in initiatives that benefit the larger public. At Kancor, special emphasis and focus is given to ensure all the needs of its stakeholders are taken care of.