NATCOL registered in May as an interested party to the call for data published by DG SANTE for providing scientific and technical data on the permitted food additives E 140(i) chlorophylls, E 140(ii) chlorophyllins, E 141(i) copper complexes of chlorophylls and E 141(ii) copper complexes of chlorophyllins.

NATCOL has since confirmed its commitment through submitting a project plan to the European Commission to provide the needed data for E 140(i) chlorophylls.

The other chlorophyll products will be taken care of by a NATCOL member company, FMC (who’s health and nutrition business became part of DuPont on November 1st), which also provided a task plan for E 140(ii), E141(i) and E141(ii). Any stakeholder interested in supporting any of these derivatives should directly contact NATCOL which will forward the inquiry to FMC/DuPont to define the best way of collaborating.

NATCOL and FMC /DuPont will continue to work closely to ascertain that both project plans deliver the expected scientific and technical data to continue to support the future use of all chlorophyll products.